The ups and downs of softball

This week was bitter sweet for me personally.  My older daughter’s team had their very first blow out Win 22-10.  How cool is that!!! They have been on the cusp of winning so many times, just falling behind by a run or two, that this week they completely destroyed the other team.  If you have read my previous blog entries, you know that we have several kids who have never played softball before.  As we are reaching the end of our regular recreation season, we can see tremendous improvement and confidence in each and every player.  Finally they had a win which validates the fact that they are awesome players.  I think a win is something the girls need occasionally to gain more confidence in their own skills even though the coaches and parents know how much they have improved through out the season. This was the sweet news!

Now the bitter part is very personal, my daughter was complaining of back ache and after a visit to sports orthopedic doctor and MRI, we found that she has Little Leaguer’s shoulder, mild tendonitis and some sore back muscles.  What is Little leaguer’s shoulder?  Read more in the softball injury section.  I have posted a picture of her actual MRI. She is out for the next 4 to 6 weeks from throwing type of sports..a.k.a softball.  We have been referred to the best sports physical therapist who work with several athletes and I will do a review on them after we are done with our treatment.

My daughter was playing in 3 teams at one time, school basketball (first time player) and recreation softball and travel softball or “A” ball as it is called. She chose to play all of these sports. Trust me, you can’t force kids to do “A” ball.  It is too much work and the kids must really want to do it.  Even though travel ball is not in full swing yet, I think overuse is the cause of her problem. Next time she wants to do multiple sports at the same time, I am going to have to say a big NO!

The Orthopedic doctor said in the next 4 to 6 weeks she needs to review videos of her throwing mechanics, pitching mechanics with her coaches to make sure she is doing it correctly and learn core strengthening routines from her physical therapist and by the end of 6 weeks she will be much stronger to excel in her favorite sports.

Even though my daughter is bummed out, we are relieved at least we found out what was the cause of her problem and that it will resolve itself with just rest.

I have no idea how I ended up with kids who want to play so much sports 😉 Have you read my very first blog?  I was a softball dummy!  It is all my dear husband’s fault 😉

Would love to hear from you :-)