Umpiring softball games-kids making money and learning life lessons

Kids umpiring softball
Kids umpiring softball

The picture of the check here is my daughter’s first pay check after umpiring 5 games.  I had to take a picture and frame it.   I am so proud of her and some of her softball friends.  There were many days where they could have chosen to just go home on a Friday after school and vegetate in front of a computer or television, or on a Saturday where they could have slept in late but instead these kids chose to go work as an umpire.

Kids-First pay check
Kids-First pay check

Who says kids are having a hard time finding part-time work? In California area blessed with plenty of sun shine, if you have played softball or baseball for a few years, are 12 years or older and if you get trained to be an umpire then you are in demand.

Check out your league website and a few of them will be looking for umpires.  I have to say it is not easy to be a kid and umpire games. Part of the reason there is a demand is some of the kids have been scared away by over enthusiastic parents who get caught up in the moment of a heated game and criticize the umpires.  I am sure we all have been there at some point or seen some parents criticize the umpires at some point.

Then, there are kids who put too much pressure on themselves and start freaking out that they won’t do a good job!  I don’t think they need any help from parents to spook them out anymore.

Some kids do not want to deal with it understandably.  But it is also a teachable moment where parents and coaches can teach these pre-teens and teens how to deal with a tough situation and encourage them to do their job.  I feel like a mommy bird encouraging the baby bird to learn to fly.

If you think your kids might be interested in umpiring softball, please check out Umpiring clinics that several leagues in the Bay area conduct in the beginning of the spring season.  They will learn the rules of the game, will get an ASA softball rules book and uniform.

Do you have a young daughter or son who umpire?  How has it gone for them?  Do they like umpiring?  Are they confident enough to umpire a game on their own? What scares them? Please share some of your kids experience both good and bad.

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