Happy Mother’s day-Softball mom’s gifts

Happy Mother’s day dear softball moms!

Are you the kind that is “Uniform finding, sock matching, glove finding, water getting, sunscreen spraying, hair-bow making, crazy driving, loud cheering, photo taking, nerve-racking mom”?   😉

If you are, I hope you are having a great season so far, be it recreation softball season which has almost over or travel ball season which is just getting started.

I kinda feel a little burnt out with the recreation softball season because we have had so many games even during the weekdays.  Since both of my kids played, I signed up to be team mom for both their teams.  This is my first time being team mom and I should have tested it by being team mom for one team, but NO!!! I had to sign up for both my kids team and now I feel burned out and have learnt my lesson.  I have new-found appreciation for all of the team parents.  Thanks to all the volunteer moms and dads out there who actively participate in their kids leagues.  You make a GREAT difference in the lives of these young girls.

So, what are you expectations for Mother’s day? Flowers? Breakfast in bed? Hugs?  You know it is another made up holiday by Hallmark 😉  Every day needs to be Mother’s day and Father’s day, but since it will never be, I will take the one day a year.

You know what I am really hoping for? My kids giving me a good hug and then helping me by putting away their washed clothes 😉  They have learnt to really tune me out lately.  Do you have that problem?Sometimes I give in because they are tired and need some rest time. We had an “A” ball tournament this past weekend in Concord, CA and come Sunday evening I had too much Laundry to do.  I haven’t got caught up yet with my chores.  It is almost the weekend again.

As far as material things, I really need someone to invent a machine that sits next to or connected to the dryer that folds the clothes that come out of the dryer.  I can’t believe no one has invented a machine to do that.  Realistically speaking, I have been needing a good blue tooth hands free car headphone.  I got this Jabra for my husband last year and he really likes it.  I think it is time I get one to avoid a ticket while driving.  Hoping my husband will be reading this blog entry soon 😉 and use his Amazon prime.

I just want a quiet day to sit home and not to do too much! Is that too much to ask? You know it is!  I have a million things that I have to get done and sitting and doing nothing seems like a nice dream for now.

Every now and then I have to remind myself what is really important in life, squeaky clean home and folded clothes or precious time I spend with my family?

Here are some items that have made my life easier.

 iRobot scooba 390 floor scrubbing robot – Really love this gadget, works great on my wood floors.  Got this for Christmas last year.

Quick shade folding chair with sun shade – Use this a lot in the field.

Stadium seat – Have one of these, bought it for my husband for Father’s day.

Quick shade  GO –  Have used this many times last summer.  Light weight and installs easy enough to be handled by just one person.

What are your wishes for Mother’s day?  Do you have a list of gadgets that you use that makes your life easier or better that you can share with other softball moms? If you do, let me know and I will add it to the list.

Do you have special things you do with your family?  What do your little players do for you that make you feel special?  Dads, if you are reading this, what do you do to make mother’s day special? Is there any gadgets or trinkets that actually help make mom’s lives easier? Please share.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a fantastic Mother’s day.

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