Last game-Team went out swinging!

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last game of season
Last game of the season

We had our playoff games for my older daughter’s team.  Going in we knew we were underdogs since we didn’t practice as much as the other team.  We still had injured players (including my daughter) and we had only one strong pitcher.

After the first inning we were 2 to 6 them.  But in the second inning we caught up to them 7-6.  Hey, we had a glimmer of hope, we might be able to beat them.  The day was hot and the girls had been in the field since 5 pm and our game started at 7 pm.  Did you notice how hot is has been last few days?  90’s in the bay area.  We, who live in this area are very spoilt  by the nice temperate weather in the 60’s and 70’s most of the time.  This is hot!

In any case, not making excuses..may be I am, but come the next inning, they other team came back to take their glory.  They were having a great day, every girl in their team was hitting and we were making several small mistakes.  But the small mistakes added up and we were 10-22 them.  Our only pitcher was getting tired.  Poor girl was performing excellent under pressure but still these are 12 -15 year old kids and they got tired. Holy cow! and cow bells!!,  the parents were worried about the season ending on a sour note.  We were worried for the girls.  This is not how we wanted to end the season.

I believe, the coach had a talk with the girls and said “if we can’t win, let’s at least make them scared that they will lose”.  Not sure what happened after that but it was miraculous.  Even the assistant coach had given up at this point but the girls did not give up.

The parents were just going crazy, all the investment in noise makers like cow bells and the kids in the dug out cheering and literally screaming all paid off.  The team roared back to 19-22.

We did not win the playoff game but we certainly did not give up in the last inning and we came back.  Parents lost their voices screaming 😉  We were okay not winning, we had a very respectable loss.  This is what it is all about.  By the time we got done it was 10 pm.  Yes we have night games in our league.  Our last game of the season was a success.

What makes a season great?  Winning game after game?  It doesn’t hurt to win, but the ultimate goal for the coaches in the rec league is to make sure the girls learn and improve and have fun and want to come back next season to play again.  I think we achieved our goal!!

What a FANTASTIC season it has been!  Go Bluejays!!!We are so proud of every one of you.  See you all at the end of season party.


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  1. I am going to use that one “if we can’t win, let’s at least make them scared that they will lose”!

    1. Thanks Amber
      It was a great game to watch. I hope your team wins. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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