Softball and growth spurt

Have you heard the questions of why gymnasts are so short?  There is a lot of research into the effect of the sport on kids during the growing years.  Do short people go into gymnastics or does the type of training make the gymnast short?  This is similar to “which came first chicken or egg?”

I wonder what the effects of softball is on kids during their growing years?  When we were at the physical therapy office, our PT mentioned that during the kids growth spurts the muscles and tendons always have to play catch up with the bone growth that happens very fast for some kids during the growth spurt.

We found out how important stretches are for growing kids.  Do your players stretch before games?  Specially kids who are growing fast or have extreme growth spurts.

We found out that in addition to little leaguer’s shoulders, my daughter was also very tight on her vertebrae.  She definitely has had some serious growth spurts in the last year.  Her upper back was also little stiff and hindering easy movement.


See the model of the vertebrae here. All those little bones must be flexible enough when the kids throw and pitch.  Stretches are a great way to loosen the area of the upper and lower back.  Equally important is strength training the muscles that support the core area.

Our PT said that one of the biggest things that help kids and the most easily missed one is their posture.  How they sit and how the stand, do they hunch or stand up straight.  When we hunch our back and shoulders, some of the muscles in the back actually have to stretch to accommodate the slumpy posture and over the years these muscles get stretched out and loose and we get used to our posture and it becomes an epic battle to correct our posture.  I am sure we are all guilty of this.

So I have started nagging on my kids to not hunch and slouch their backs and shoulders.  I am sure my kids are going to not like me very much but I hope I can correct their posture before it is too late.

I have created a page called “softball workouts” where I have posted some of the exercises our PT has given us to do for both my kids.  I was told these would also help prevent kids from getting injured.  Please check it out and as always, thanks for your time reading and subscribing and supporting this site.

We have a weekend full of softball tournaments for one kid who is not hurt.  I took a day of my 9-5 job today since I have too much stuff going on.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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