Playing softball after injury

Happy to say that my 12 year old is done with physical therapy for Little leaguer’s shoulder. We got a clear from the doctor (Dr. Heidi Tonken) to ease back into playing softball after injury.  We were very fortunate to have been treated by Diaz-Olson Physical therapist.

We were helped personally by Mike Olson and Duffy Chan.  They were very detailed in their treatment and taught us the importance of the need for preventative workouts, core strengthening, stretching and icing.  I truly appreciate them tolerating me and my camera as I was trying to take pictures of the workouts.  I would highly recommend them for your sports injuries.  Hopefully you or your kids won’t have any injuries.  But if you need to, then please go check them out.  Mike also taught us that if you are in a hurry and you don’t have 30 mins to ice your shoulder, or elbow or knee or what ever part you overworked, then you can use a “cryocup” to ice quickly.  If you just want to make a home-made cryocup, then use 2 foam cups, on one cup cut the bottom half of the cup and then insert it into the other cup and then fill it with water and freeze it.  When it is frozen, remove the bottom cup which would leave the ice exposed at the bottom of the top cut.  See the link for the cryocup above, your home-made cryocup should look like that when done. Then just rub this gently on the area that has been overworked.  But make sure you don’t do it for too long.  You can also make several of these ahead of time and put in your team ice chest to use it after games or injuries.

I have added more workouts in the “softball workout” section of this site.  We also got a guide to the throwing program, but that was geared towards baseball players.  It is being modified currently to suit kids playing softball.  When I am ready with those I will add them to the site.  If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you subscribe to the site so you will get it automatically when it is published.

I am happy to say that this week, my 11 yr old started easing back into practice and had her first game post injury, she was a designated hitter in this weekends game and I was proud of her for making contact with the ball and hitting every time.  We had a very tight game.  After the 4th inning the score board looked like this.

Tight game
Tight game

But things changed in the 5th inning.  We lost, but we did put up a good fight.  This is the difference between recreation ball and travel ball.  We compete with some of the best teams in the area and it is like a game of chess, there is so much mental strategy going on and the team that usually is tough enough to handle the mental challenges (specially towards the later innings as they get tired) usually wins.  It is so much fun to watch and things move along SO fast.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.


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