Fall travel ball

through the fence

Hello Softball fans,

Back from a few weeks of break from softball! Well, kind of!  Middle school ball has started and so has the fall travel ball.  Middle school ball is so much more relaxed since there is not as much pressure as in travel ball, so kids are enjoying it.

We do have another problem though!  My daughter’s knee started hurting a couple of weeks ago and has been bothering her when she participates in any sports.  So we have been trying to decipher what is going on.  MRI and X-ray show everything is fine but the Orthopedic doctor can’t explain what is causing the problem.  He said she can participate in all sports.  It does not happen all the time, so that adds a layer of complexity to the problem.  So we are trying to get a second opinion from my Knee Surgeon in a few weeks.

Yes, I know what you are thinking..Hmm…she said she never played sports. Yes that is true, I never played sports while growing up but learnt to ski after I met my husband and during one of those ski trips had the unfortunate incident of a high schooler on a snow board run into and catch my skis.  I had what is phrased as the “unhappy triad”. ACL, MCL and Meniscus tear.  So I had to have surgery.  I am back to skiing again but I think my knee now has a weather reporter inside it. I can tell for sure when a low pressure or high pressure system is coming in to the Bay area.  May be the weather reporter’s name is Arthritis.

Well, even though I was glad to hear that my daughter’s knee is structurally sound, I really want to find out what the problem is that causes pain every once in a while.  Seems like overuse injury is to blame, so we took it easy and missed a few games.  Tomorrow we start our first travel ball game, I am glad she is not a catcher.  As I read about knee injuries, I see how much it affects the catchers.  I will have to write a post about what I find out in a few weeks.  While we took a break from softball, I was able to catch up and finish off the article on what I learnt when we went to PT for Little leaguers’ shoulder.  I have added  Softball workouts-Part 2.

I know your kids play softball, other wise you won’t be reading this blog. Have your kids had issues with over use while they were growing?  Seems like it is an adolescent problem that disappears when they are fully grown. Please share some of your insights into what problems your kids had and how you took care of it so others like me can benefit from it.  It is hard to find information on Softball related injuries online straight from the mouth of parents.

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