Go SF Giants!!

Happy Halloween SB fans

Did you watch the SF Giant’s game last night?  You know my kids and my husband have pulled me into the dark side 😉

I used to be the type of person who would immediately start day dreaming and drifting in thoughts as soon as my husband turns any sports on TV.  Couldn’t help it, never knew what the big deal was for me.  But it always surprised me how the guys watch sports.  They are literally on the field on the couch feeling every triumph and pain of their favorite team.

Lately I have been creeping slowly into the other side.  Yesterday’s Giants game was such a delight to watch, specially the cool calmness of Bumgarner as he played pitch after pitch shutting out the other team.  Since I know how the girls struggle with nervousness while they pitch during their softball games, I was specially drawn into how nonchalant MADBUM looked while he pitched.  I really wished I could have gotten into his mind to see what he was thinking about while he pitched, specially while the Giants did not have the home field advantage.   It seemed like to him “no one existed” but the batter and catcher while he pitched.

I also heard from a few people on his pitching technique of how when he pitches his entire arm extends back (so the batter can’t see the ball) and when he brings his arm forward that the batter still can’t see the ball until the point he releases it with an element of surprise.

Kids learn from young age to keep their eye on the ball and I think this is one of the reasons batters can’t gauge his pitches since they can’t see the ball till he releases it. Of course we also had a great team to help him achieve it.  After all Baseball and Softball are team sports.

I have a link here to his high school coach Jeff Parham’s account of Madison Bumgarner.  You can tell how proud he is of his student.

Never in my life would I have thought I could watch an entire game without getting up or drifting off.  I was cheering and getting so into the game that even my dog was wondering “what is wrong with mom?” He was giving me the weird looks.  Here is a pic of him taken when he tagged along for the kid’s games during summer.  Isn’t he cute?

Softball dog
Softball dog

Bungarner’s calmness was simply mental focus at the highest.  I truly wish I could help my girls learn and practice this calmness as they continue to play softball.

Thanks for reading again.  Hope you and your kids have a safe and fun Halloween.

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