Hello Spring softball!


Hi folks,

Spring has started and so has softball season.  I hope your kids are getting much action of the spring softball season.  We have certainly been busy with our share of softball.  Both my kids decided they want to play rec ball before the official travel softball season kicks off.  Once again we just drag ourselves into too much stuff to do and not enough time.  My husband is coaching my soon to be 10-year-old and assistant coaching my 13 year old’s team and helping with 8U division at the league and I volunteered to do the league website and revamp it to a brand new site.  Yes, we must be a crazy family! So needless to say we have been extremely busy.  My kids play for the local Sunnyvale league this year.  Check out the new site I worked on at Sunnyvale Girls softball.  

Now that the major crunch of the website building is over, I will help around this year maintaining the site until I can pass it on to someone else who can take over after me in the next few years.

This will probably be the last year of rec ball for my older daughter who is playing up with the 14’s.  Usually our travel ball doesn’t start until mid April but this year has been very unusual!! We already have had 2 weekends of travel ball at our favorite place Stockton!! Places we would never visit if not for softball 😉  Well at least the weather is not a scorcher yet.

Yesterday a whole bunch of 12’s and 13’s kids were thrown up to play with the 14’s and gosh were they..nervous!.  A lot of girls were messing up left and right!  Even though you know that they would play great if not for the mental block they had in their head that 14’s are super good and they might not be able to keep up.

Glad to say our back yard is still being used and we have had softball friends over that liked to hang out and try out their softball skills.

In the next few weeks, I will be updating some more field reviews and any other stuff I can work on as time permits.  Good luck to all our kids this softball season and I hope they make the most of it and most important of all Have Fun!!