Travel softball in full swing

14U-championsHey Folks!  Hope you are all busy with your kids sports.  I just got a couple of hours to do a post.  It has been quite busy in our household.  Both our girls are playing recreation softball which is almost over by mid May and travel ball which just started this month.  We already have had 3 travel-ball tournaments.  This last one was in Manteca,CA at the Big League dreams sports complex.

I have written a field review about this complex.  Please click link above to read.  Well, my 13-year-old got to play up with the 14 u team last weekend.  It was a nice tournament to watch.  For once it seemed like we were at the receiving end of the softball glory.  They ended up winning the 14U gold championship.  I was glad my 10 year old’s game was also in the same complex, so I was lucky enough to walk back and forth and watch both girls play and also get my daily walking exercise!  The softball Gods did not bless our 10U with a championship, but then again at 10U everything is just about learning and kids being in the game mentally.

Both my kids also got picked to play in their recreation All Star games today and luckily there was no travel ball this weekend, so got to run to their games soon.  Will post more later.

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