Happy Father’s day Softball dads

I wish all the dads that are out there coaching and cheering on their daughters (and sons) a Happy Father’s day.  You make a big difference in your kids’ lives by being there for them.  I have always noticed how my kids look up to their dad and how often they do it.  Whether they play well (in which case they are looking to see if their dad  noticed them in that awesome play that they just played) or when they mess something up (they are looking at them with a guilty look to see if dad is disappointed in them).  Regardless of what is going on, the kids are always looking up to their dads for validation specially in sports.

We usually get mother’s day off but I bet the dads are happy to spend their day in a field watching any kind of sport.  What did you get for the dad in your life?  Since we have 2 girls playing at the same time, we get split up on weekends several times as he is helping coach my 10 yr old’s team and has to go with her.  He is always trying to ask me detailed questions of how my 13 yr old played and I am always trying my best to explain but since I have never played softball in my life, I never do justice in explaining how my older daughter played, so I tried getting my husband a GoPro camera for Father’s day.  But he was not very thrilled with it because he did not want another device that can capture more stuff that he has to manage storing, so I have signed myself up to learn to use the GoPro and take videos of my daughter playing and then edit and show it to him.  Hmmm, not sure what I just signed myself up for! 😮

I guess when I get good with using my new GoPro, I will start posting some video’s on the Facebook page of this site.  But to make dad happy the kids got him one of the latest craze in the coaches buckets.


My Husband was so excited to get this bucket.  He didn’t waste a minute to transfer all his stuff from his old bag to his new bucket.  We gave it to him early so he could use it this weekend.

Let us know what the dads in you life got for a gift so other people reading including me can get more gift ideas.  Thanks for reading and Wishing you all a Happy Father’s day again.