2015 ASA Nationals in Roseville, CA

The big week is here.  Our 12U team is going to the ASA Nationals in Roseville, CA next week.  An entire week of Softball.  This is the first time for my daughter & her team to go to Nationals, so she and her team are super excited.  There are about 55 teams from all over the country participating in this years nationals.  That is a lot of teams and a lot of girls playing softball.  I have no idea how this experience will be.  This is the first time for us as parents too.  So, I will write more about it in a later post.

One thing I know for sure is that it is going to be roasting hot. Temperatures are over a 100 degrees all days with a few days forecast at 107 degrees.  I am not sure if there are studies done on kids playing in extreme heat.  I am a little concerned about the heat. I will be getting some cooling towels for the kids to cool themselves off during the game.  I also need to go to the stores and browse what is else is available for kids to stay cool.

Well, summer softball is coming to an end soon and then we get a much needed month-long break.  The kids have worked hard and played hard.  Hope you have had a great summer of Softball 2015 too!!

Rotator cuff Injury diagnosis-may be!

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I was diagnosed with a condition called Frozen Shoulder about a year ago.  Well, I just came back from a MRI appointment which means my shoulder is not getting any better.  I don’t play softball.  You probably have heard about sympathy pain a dad-to-be has while wife is pregnant! Well, may be I am having sympathy pain from my kids pitching!! 😉

Just kidding, I have some how hurt my shoulder doing something stupid and paying for it now.  All the symptoms I am having point to Rotator cuff injury.  My doctor’s office said that they need a MRI done on a 3T machine.  Never heard of a 3T MRI machine before.  I guess MRI technology has improved tremendously where they can see into slices of your muscles and tendon-in-question clearer than regular MRI.  If you like to know more about it, check out the link when you click on the picture below.


3T MRI machine

I was asked to change into the awful hospital gown and lay on the table which traveled into the MRI machine.  I was given ear plugs and asked to not move as this will cause the image to be blurry and we would have to repeat it again.  The technician said it will be 30 mins and I felt like it was the longest and loudest 30 mins that I had to lay still – the catch is “lay still without moving“.  The machine fits snugly around you.  I am not a very big person and it felt like it was pretty snug around me.    My mind started racing.  It felt like I was inside the coffin.  A white coffin.   If you are claustrophobic beware before you get inside or tell the technician ahead of time.  May be it was a good time to make choices of my final preparations.  Do I want to be buried or cremated!  I think I will go with Cremation.  Sounds quicker rather than rotting for a while.

In another sense, this is the most time I have had recently other than sleeping at night that I was undisturbed during day time.  Most of you are probably in the same boat with so much stuff that needs to get done for the kids and family that 30 mins of free time all by myself felt great.  I almost fell asleep.  Glad that thoughts don’t make the machine malfunction, because I would have been in there for a long time otherwise.

In any case, I have a follow-up with my doctor next week, if I have rotator cuff tear, I will be researching about it more and posting what I find out.  If I am sent to physical therapy, I will write about it also.  Softball and Baseball pitchers are prone to rotator cuff injuries and tendonitis.  So keep reading for more information.

While reading about softball injury prevention, I came across some excellent videos by one of the top pitchers Monica Abbott and her trainer Dunstan Kendrick that show the preparations she does to keep in good shape as a top pitcher.  They call it the “Shoulder prehab circuit“.  Watch and enjoy!  This week we have local tournaments in the bay area and next week we are going to Nationals at Roseville, CA.    Thanks for reading.

Only things we were catching was fish – No softballs

Have you ever felt burnt out from the activities and things you are required to do day in and day out?  Well, we took a BREAK from all of that last week.  Sometimes you just have to unplug and just leave it all behind to refresh your spirit.  Specially in this day and age we live in, plugged in all the time, it was really a treat to leave it all behind.  Nature is like a battery charger for our spirits.  The only things the kids were catching were fish and catching up on the Zzzz..

catching fishMost of the time last week, we didn’t even know what time it was or what day it was.  It was a great feeling!  Have you ever experienced it, not knowing what day or time it is?  I am not asking about the time you got hit in the head from your kids throwing  the softball while playing catch 😉  If not, try it sometime, without getting amnesia. It is a great feeling.

We also experienced what is called “Rain” while we were out. Extreme amounts of it in short period of time.  I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t driving while it poured down. Well, it will be back to reality this week.  The kids have already been warned to start hydrating from Wednesday for the weekend tournament in central valley since it is going to be extremely hot.

I get at least a few questions every month from parents asking for recommendation for softball training for their kids who are age 14 and up.  I just wanted to add a little info here if that will help them.  If your kids have played at a B or C ball level tournament and you are looking for more training, and if you live in the Bay area, you can have them go to a softball camp run by either the college teams or Nike sports camp or Cutting edge softball camps etc.  I have listed some options under the softball summer camps area.  If you are looking for a 14 U and up travel ball “A” team, then you can see the list by clicking the link above and check their website or contact their head coach to see if they are looking for players and what position they are looking for and when their tryouts are.  There is no one team that will make everyone happy.  It is a trial and error process and you have to try to see if the team’s teaching methods and training works for your kids.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend.  Back to reality now! Thanks for reading.