2015 ASA Nationals in Roseville, CA

The big week is here.  Our 12U team is going to the ASA Nationals in Roseville, CA next week.  An entire week of Softball.  This is the first time for my daughter & her team to go to Nationals, so she and her team are super excited.  There are about 55 teams from all over the country participating in this years nationals.  That is a lot of teams and a lot of girls playing softball.  I have no idea how this experience will be.  This is the first time for us as parents too.  So, I will write more about it in a later post.

One thing I know for sure is that it is going to be roasting hot. Temperatures are over a 100 degrees all days with a few days forecast at 107 degrees.  I am not sure if there are studies done on kids playing in extreme heat.  I am a little concerned about the heat. I will be getting some cooling towels for the kids to cool themselves off during the game.  I also need to go to the stores and browse what is else is available for kids to stay cool.

Well, summer softball is coming to an end soon and then we get a much needed month-long break.  The kids have worked hard and played hard.  Hope you have had a great summer of Softball 2015 too!!

Would love to hear from you :-)