Tryout season for Travel Softball

Hello folks,

Have your kids ever wanted to take that next step and get into travel softball?  Well you’re in luck right now.  It is tryout season for many teams.  Now that the busy season of summer travel ball is over, several travel ball teams are currently offering tryouts for various positions in their teams.  Please check out the Travel ball websites to see when their tryouts are.  Specially if your girls are young in the 10U and 12U age group, they have a very good chance of making the teams if they have played softball before and show that they are excited enough for travel ball.  This is the best age group for your kids to join a team and make mistakes and learn to be a good travel ball player.  As the girls get older specially 14U and up, a lot more is expected from them to be part of the “A” ball team.  Also the older girls tend to be set in their ways and it is harder to change their habits of hitting, throwing or pitching to the correct form if they have developed bad techniques at a younger age.

I know my 10-year-old’s team is looking for more 10U players and having an open tryout on 8/15 and 8/16 from 9 am to noon at Brookvale Elementary school, 3400 Nicolet Ave, Fremont, CA 94536.  So if you have a 10 year old who wants to try travel ball, please check out their team website.  Even if you are not sure but thinking about it, you can just come by and watch the other girls practice and see if travel ball is for you.

If you have a favorite team or a travel ball team that is close to where you live, please go check out their website and see when their tryouts are.  A lot of tryouts are happening this month.   There are many teams in the bay area and you have to try out to see if a team and their philosophies will match you and your child or not.  It is a trial and error process for many families. Most times the best way a team will fit your kids is to imagine the kids are new to softball and let their coaches figure out their skill set and see how they fit in their teams.  You can always note in the tryout forms what position they like to play.  In our team for example, the kids are trained to be good in several positions (not just the one they like to play).  This will come in handy when they get ready to go to college and their favorite college team only has certain positions that they are looking for.  In any case, no matter which team you try out for, good luck with it.  And as always thanks for reading and good luck to your kids.

Would love to hear from you :-)