Interesting weekend of local softball

Okay…we had an interesting weekend of softball. We got entered into some local tournaments so we didn’t have to wake up at insane hours or drive an hour and a half to go to Stockton area. We only had to wake up at 5 am.

Our 12’s were playing against some teams who looked clearly like 15yr olds.  I heard that if you want to challenge a teams age, you have to pay $75.  I was surprised by that.  Have to read more to find out the rules.

Anyway, the 12’s lost quick on Sunday while the 10s were still going on strong.

So I moved on to the 10s field to watch their game.

I am going to pretend that there are 2 out-of-space aliens watching this game. Did I lose you already?  Hang in there!

Alien 1: “Wow…How interesting…I never knew grown human species got so excited to see their young ones tag out (the term they used) another young human who was running from one base (as they call it) to another. The other young one being chased it seems like (a pickle they called it) but it appears they love running from one base thingy to another. Then, the young human being chased fell just before the base and ate dirt and started crying. “

After another hour has passed…

Alien 2:  Look! now it appears like the young one’s group who was being chased actually is celebrating!  Why?

They won their Championship!  That is how strange this game is for an outsider!  I was that outsider until my kids started playing softball.

 If someone told me in my younger days that I would be sitting in a school field or a park watching softball game after game every weekend, I would have thought they lost their marbles. But that is exactly what I am doing now. I can’t believe it.  If you have read my blog you know that I never played any sport as a kid.  I see several of you are nodding your heads agreeing with me!

Lupe! are you reading this? 😉

The one BIG benefit is…as the young humans get older it keeps them out of trouble from being addicted to their devices called smart phones or getting online constantly, getting in trouble or being a couch potatoes! Doing nothing!

But gosh, I wish I get a weekend off every once in a while so I can sleep in till 6 am at least on one weekend.  Well, I may get my wish fulfilled.  No games next weekend, but my 10-year-old has a tryout for NJB.

After a strange weekend, our 12s and 14s lost but 10s were once again well deserved CHAMPIONS!!!  These young humans worked really hard!!!

10U Champions! The Diamond Classic Tournament San Jose 9/26 & 9/27/2015
10U Champions! The Diamond Classic Tournament San Jose 9/26 & 9/27/2015

Fall softball and school softball is it going?  I am sure you all have your hands full with start of new school year, fall softball and school softball if your kids are in middle or high school.  Yes, the craziness has definitely begun in our household also.  In addition to it, we have started our home remodel and I did my own plans and calculations for the addition and I have had a super busy summer and finally the construction has begun!!! At one point I couldn’t wait for it to start but now I can’t wait for it to be done so we can have at least a semi normal (what it that you ask?) life without constantly moving and boxing things and cleaning construction dust.  Did I tell you we are living in the same house and remodeling it also.  Crazy! yes, but short-term rental in Silicon Valley is out of question.  I am sure the suffering will be worth the pain.  If you remember I was getting an MRI to see if I had a rotator cuff tear but luckily it wasn’t a tear and just tendonitis and remnants of frozen shoulder.  I have been given a 6 week PT prescription but I have not had a chance to make appointments to go to PT.  I had work deadlines that just got done and I am truly hoping life would slow down a little this fall to post more.  A parent I know has given me info on catcher’s injury that her daughter is going through currently that I would like to do more research and post.

Well, coming back to softball, we had our first fall tournament “Back to school Bash” in Stockton last weekend.  This is a new season and my older daughter played with 14U this weekend and my younger one played in 10U.  Fall is the time when some kids move up and test the waters  of playing with the older teams.  So the teams are not as solid as at the end of summer as they are playing with different set of girls and have to figure out how well they play together. Sometimes it is different because the pitching distance just got a lot longer or the ball size got just a little bigger and they have to get used the new rules.  We had a brutal weekend of getting up at 4 am and driving to Stockton both days.  A hot weekend was worth it when both their teams ended up being runners-up in their respective division. So I am sure this season is up to a great start!

In addition to travel tournaments, my older one is also playing middle school ball and have at least 2 games a week but I think middle school ball is just for fun, it is very relaxed compared to the travel ball.  I have a ton of things I can write about but I’ve just been crazy busy.  I hope you have a wonderful fall season. Thanks for reading!!! Check back soon!!