Softball & cowbells

10U Champions!! Again!
10U Champions!! Again!

Hey softball fans!  How is fall softball going?  Well, we had to set our TV’s to record all the football games to watch today while our kids were battling out game after game of softball this weekend at Big League Dreams, Manteca, CA.  I think my video card on my laptop is having problems so I was unable to blog much the last week.  I am borrowing my husband’s laptop to sneak in a blog right now!

Well as you can see in the pic above, our 10U has been on a winning streak the last few weeks.  These little 10 yr old’s are so impressive.  I am at awe at how tough these little kids are game after game on a hot weekend.  Most of all, it is a lot of fun to watch them really enjoy the whole experience of playing on a team where all the girls get along and have a lot of fun!  The only annoying part of the entire weekend was the sound of “THE COW BELL” that one of the opposite team parents had that they kept ringing a “LOT”.  I have only seen people use these in recreation softball games, but this weekend we were treated to the sound of the cowbell after every single play. I really wish these things could be banned as it is really annoying!  Some of you may love to ring the cowbell…sorry but I am not in the same pasture with you on this 😉 Just being honest.  It may not be so different from clapping your hands but clapping your hands never sounded so obnoxious as a cowbell.  But that’s just me!

Anyway, moving on to other things.  I am going to physical therapy for my impinged shoulder and my PT was kind enough to participate in a question & answer session.  So parents, if you have questions regarding your kid’s injuries or even your own physical problems from playing softball or just getting hurt trying to play some other sport, send me your questions by clicking on “contact” button.  Once I gather enough questions of interest, I will submit the questions to Mike Olson of Diaz Olson Physical Therapy . He will pick the top few questions of interest to answer them.  He has a degree from both Stanford and USC.  So ask away and take care!

Until next time, MOO!!!..sorry, couldn’t help it ;-)!