We have foot issues – softball

How are you crazy softball moms and dads doing?  Finally got a new laptop so I can get online from my own device and start blogging!  Did you miss my blogs? Since you are not talking, I will assume you did 😉

We have had a crazy few months in my house!  My house is coming together slowly in the remodel.  You want to see my mess of a house?  Here you go!  The pic in the lower right corner is half of my old kitchen cabinets in a pile.  Did I tell you we are living in this mess?  For a while there was nothing but sheet rock separating us from the outside.  We must have been the only Californians wishing for no rain during that period!  Well now it can rain, we have a roof and we are covered up.


Our 10’s team continues to be on a winning streak!  Last weekend they won the Jack ball Halloween tournament championship at Fremont/Newark area.

Champions! Jack Ball tournament
Champions! Jack Ball tournament

Usually fall season is an easy going season, this year however we have had a lot of tournaments and combining that with my 10-year-old growing fast has led to her feet hurting a lot.  We have tried new expensive shoes and insoles but I still had to take her to the Podiatrist to check her feet out to see if the growth plate in her feet was not having any issues.  Thankfully no growth plate issues.  Her symptoms sounds so much like Calcaneal Apophysitis .  But the podiatrist (who used to be a travel baseball player when he was young didn’t seem to be too concerned.  He said she can continue playing but has to rest when her foot hurts.

If you read through by clicking the above link, you find that most kids end up with foot issues from standing and playing wearing cleats for long periods of time.  The ways to prevent symptoms are rest and soft insoles.  I truly can’t wait for the winter break.

Foot Xray growth plate

How easy things would be if only one kid had issues at a time…no that can’t happen.  That is too easy.  My 13-year-old has found a new sport that she loves now. Volleyball! A month of volleyball at PE and trying to escape a ball to her head, she squatted quickly and hurt her ankle.  So 2 kids to the podiatrist on the same day.  She has been off PE and softball for a week now. Thankfully nothing serious but just rest for now.

Did you know how complicated a foot is?  Foot is made up of 26 bones and 33 joints.  Check this cool Healthline foot website that shows you each layer of your feet.

Well, I have plenty of material and field reviews to blog about but very little time.  Now that I have my computer, I will try to post more often.  I have to quit my day job to find more time though 😉

Thanks for reading and come back soon.