Happy Holidays softball fans

Hey softball fans,

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!!

Hope you have had a chance to pause and rest for a few weeks from hectic softball season.  We sure have.  Our lives have surely been hectic with softball, basketball and home construction and business travels all rolled in at the same time.  I just want to stop time and take a deep breath.

We still have foot issues.  It is funny to think back but definitely not at the moment when I got a call from after school care saying ” your daughter fell and hit a play structure but she is conscious and ripped her skin under her chin”!  My 10-year-old still has foot issues!!  Her foot size has grown so much that she can’t figure out how long her feet is and her steps, she tripped over her own foot and hit the play structure!  Had to take her to ER to get 4 stitches under her chin just before Thanksgiving holidays.  May be I just have goofy kids 😉

My 13-year-old also has been having extremely tight calf muscles and needs to stretch a lot to prevent from getting injured.  I am not sure if your kids all go through the same issues as mine does or my kids just keep me on my toes.  I did however find a great site called Athletes Treating Athletes that I stumbled across while trying to figure out why the Peroneal tendon was painfully tight on my 13-year-old.  Check it out to see if they have any treatment for your kid’s problems.  They do have You-tube videos and some ways you can use kinesiology tape to make it feel better.

Well December is already here and  I have not had any motivation to do Christmas shopping with my house in disarray, not even sure if we have a clean spot in the house to put a tree.  I guess this year we will just be thankful to be able to remodel.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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