2016-10U ASA Nationals coming to Stockton, CA

Spring is almost here!  Have your kids signed up for Softball  yet? Recreation or travel ball?  Even though my older daughter quit travel ball, she has signed up for a multi city recreation softball because she still likes playing softball.  Our season has not started yet.  My younger one also has signed up for rec softball and also continues to do travel ball.

Did you know that this year the 10U ASA nationals is in Stockton, CA?  If your kids want to play at the National level and see what it is all about then this is your chance to have a National Championship so close to home.  I should warn you though this is not for the faint of heart.  It is very hard and some of the teams you see are SO tough.

We just got back from our winter break trip and I happened to sit next to a family who was travelling from FL to CA for their kids sport and I stuck up a conversation to see if they played baseball and was very surprised to find out that there was a tournament for Pokemon going on this weekend in Anaheim, CA.  The parents were explaining how there is so much college scholarship available now for gaming and how much they travel for their games.

Alas, if your kids are glued to their screens…don’t freak out, if they are really good at their game they still might be able to score a college scholarship but I am not sure if they are going to be the most physically fit athletes though!!!  You may not have to invest in the stocks of sunscreen companies but you may have to drag you kids by their feet to get some sunshine or invest in Vitamin D 😉

Well, if you still have not signed up for softball, check in quick to see if there are any travel softball teams looking for players.