Kick starting the 2016 travel softball season

All about the Base
All about the Base

We officially started our 2016 travel softball season today.  I know some of your teams have been playing since March or earlier already.  Both my girls have been playing recreation softball since March for fun and for my soon to be 11-year-old, the official travel ball season started today.  Kids were definitely rusty… after a long break.  Since most of our girls from the 10U team moved up to 12 U, we are short 4 players on our 10U team, so the remaining 10U girls are playing up at the 12U level until we have enough to form a team.

It was a little frustrating to see that my girl was chasing that elusive 3rd strike most of the time today.  She would pitch 2 strikes and then have the batters fowl off many balls and then walk the girl.  It is funny to watch what a long break does, they ended the season last year with so many good games and awesome pitching and now it was as if they were struggling.  Not just mine but all the girls were rusty.  Hopefully as the season progresses, they will get their groove back on.

If you have a 10 U age group player that wants to see what travel ball is like, then please check out Strikezone.   Mention that you saw it on this site.  They are looking for 10U and 12U players currently.

The organization is a great fit for young girls.  They not only teach the girls with patience how to play positions in the game but also teach them how to play in a way the college teams expect them to play.  They have excellent hitting techniques and have a huge indoor facility that the kids can practice in.

Lately several new travel teams have asked me to list them under the travel softball page and I have been adding them, so please check out the Travel softball in Northern California page and see if there is one that is a good fit for you.

Here’s to a great season!!