Happy Mother’s day 2016

Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful moms and moms to be.

As an honor to moms, most teams have this weekend off to enjoy.  I hope you all get pampered and feel loved this weekend.  A lot has changed since last year for us.  For one, the kids have grown older and both my kids have grown past me in height 😉  Something they have been looking forward to since they were little.

As some of you know my 14-year-old quit travel softball beginning of this year and blogging has been hard for me when she doesn’t play.  But my 11-year-old is still playing travel ball and really getting good at it.  Last weekend in Stockton was a good weekend for my 11-year-old.  She was actually paying attention and making plays that surprised me.  So I will get back into blogging soon.  My oldest still plays B level games and thinks she may still play high school ball.  Our home remodel and some health problems in our family has also put a damper on things lately.  My brother-in-law who was our remodeling contractor got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and things have been devastating to say the least.  It did bring us all a perspective on what is really important in life.

Sometimes, I like to reflect on what kind of mom am I and if I am being a good example to the kids.  Trust me, this year has been very testing where I have lost my cool more than usual.  Last week we had a game and my 14-year-old was getting frustrated pitching during the game and just couldn’t get it back together to tweak it enough to strike out kids.  The same 3rd strike syndrome took over.

Anyway, it was a very frustrating game to watch and she was reflecting on the way home of why she did how she did and talking about it made her open up to other things going on.  She even corrected me on the things I have not been cool about and set things straight.  Even though I was shocked to hear, it was very rewarding for me as a mom to know that we ( my husband and I) have instilled good principles in our kids to call us out when we don’t follow our own advise.  Kids also have benefited a lot from working hard and playing hard in their games and develop a sense of pride and reward when they do good and reflect on things if games don’t go the way they had expected.  I can see how it is translating to everyday living.

So, I am happy to know that somehow in the middle of all these nutty schedules and softball games and rushing to work and remodeling a house and all the craziness going on in our lives on a daily basis, I am doing an okay job raising my kids to grow into responsible and compassionate future adults.

I think this year, this is the best mother’s day gift I can ask for.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day and feel loved.