After 10U Nationals…moving on to 12U

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony

Well folks summer is done! and Nationals are done!

I’d say we had the tiniest team at the Nationals(except a couple of girls).  How about shoe size Y5 playing against adult size 10?  That’s how wild the range of the kids were in the teams we played against. Needless to say, our team struggled.  But you know what, they played the best they could,  considering the natural limits they had. So as parents we are very proud of them trying their very best and look forward to all the things they will learn as they grow older.

After watching older girls games, watching 10U games almost always looks like we are watching the games in slow motion.  It is kind of cute how small they are and how little they know and how they transform into great athletes by 16U-18U.

I think the team of people who organized the Nationals worked really hard to make Stockton look appealing and welcoming to everyone playing, the only sad part was when you hear in the news that the Mayor of Stockton got arrested for providing drinks to underage and playing strip poker! It is very sad how one person ruins the hard work of so many others.  Specially if that person is in a position of charge!

Thanks to the organizers for trying hard to make your city welcoming and Congratulations to Universal FastPitch for winning the well deserved 10U Championship!  School is starting, school softball is starting for middle school and fall ball is starting.  Good luck to your kids at school and in the fall season. My daughter is moving up to 12U.

PS: My husband overheard some coaches talking about my blog.   Thanks for reading. ! I appreciate it!!

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