Fall softball season in full swing

Well..I thought fall will be an easy-going month but NO!

Fall season is as hectic as summer this year as my 10U/12U daughter has had tournaments almost every weekend.  She plays some 12U tournaments and some 10U and their team is all over the place, San Jose, Stockton, Manteca, Fremont, Salinas.  My older 14U daughter missed softball so much during summer that she decided to play Fall ball but her team is a little easy-going than my younger one’s.

Well, this weekend was a little somber.  My 14U played in the Alexis Briski Tournament in Los Gatos, Campbell area.  It is organized by the Briski family who lost one of their daughters Alexis to childhood cancer.  You can read about it in the link above.  It is very heartbreaking to read about her brave fight against cancer and her love for the game of softball.  During the game the Briski family came with their other daughters to watch our game.  I was going to talk to them but decided not to so they can just enjoy a game of softball without being interrupted.

Ironically during the same game I heard from my family that my brother-in-law has succumbed to Bile duct cancer.  He was diagnosed in Feb and passed away this weekend.  Definitely made me ponder what is really important in life.   Life is too short.  Cherish your kids and loved ones.

Anyway…moving on to lighter side of things…during one of the games before our game a player from one team had such an awesome throw from the outfield to home to get the kid out that was stealing home.  Everyone thought she was going to be out when the catcher tossed her helmet to catch the ball and it bounced off the ground and hit her in the face.  Ouch…that was very painful to watch.  Just that split second when she took her helmet off to see the ball and lost her tooth.  The entire team was searching at home plate for that missing tooth.  Some of the kids from the opposing team came out to search for the tooth and they started bawling one after another as they saw the catcher hurt.  Some of the kids crying uncontrollably…it was interesting to watch how the girls were so emotionally connected to the game and other players.

So the question is does your team catcher take her helmet off so she could see better? Or not….what are your thoughts?  What should you do when your player loses a tooth? 

PS: If you would like to donate to improve cancer research please donate to American Cancer Society. Thank you.