Happy New Year 2017

Happy New year 2017 to all my readers!  I hope 2016 was good for you and I hope 2017 is Great to everyone.

I am for sure looking forward to a great 2017.  As for 2016, I am glad it is OVER and gone.  I would not want to revisit 2016 ever.  Was just a terrible year for us until the very very end!  I can’t believe we had such a rough 2016.  I can see the wheels turning in your head.  How bad could it have been?  Well for starters, our home remodel was supposed to have been finished by January of 2016 but due to a series of unfortunate events…it never did.  To top it all, my brother-in-law who was our remodel contractor (a very talented one at that) ended up getting cancer and passed away within 7 months of diagnosis.  It was very devastating to the entire family.  Since he was remodeling our house, he stayed with us for 3 to 4 months before heading back to east coast where he was from.  Just watching a human being get wasted by cancer just sucked!  My entire family was extremely stressed out and ended up having our own stress related health problems.

Then we acted as our own general contractor and had individual contractors come in to finish up our house.  Specially in the bay area, it was extremely difficult to find good contractors.  It was like pulling teeth.  Should I add without any pain medication!! You know sometimes it feels like you are constantly swimming upstream and it is very exhausting!

If you follow my blog, here is a pic of my house I posted in November of 2015.  The bottom right corner pic was my demolished kitchen in a rubble.

Well, even towards the end of the year, Christmas break, we all got sick with terrible cold and fever during our travel to east coast and we are just now recovering from it.  We also got buried  by 18″ of snow but we were too sick to get out of the house anyway.  You see what I mean, until the 31st of 2016 we were struggling.  So as you can tell, we are  excited about 2017.

Now turning a new leaf in this new year, just yesterday, we got our final inspection approved by the city.  I can’t believe it!! This morning when I woke up, I thought it was a dream.  I was the structural engineer on my house and I am so glad to say that I do not have to deal with the city again for my house.  They were not easy to work with.  Well, are you ready to see my new kitchen?  Ta..da…..

Do you like it?  I love it.  Every aspect of my house, I researched and designed it.  Houzz was my best friend during the process. The nightmare of home remodel of 2016 is finally over!!

I hope your Christmas break was great and you got many goodies you asked for.  Now relating to softball, my daughter asked for a special bat she liked.  Here is a pic.

DeMarini CF9 Hope (-10) Fastpitch Bat _ DeMarini

She got what she wanted.  We shall see how it works out for her this spring.  She is moving up to 12U and spring season practice starts tomorrow actually.  My older daughter plans on trying out for high school softball. But for her softball has definitely taken a back seat to academics.

Here is to a GREAT 2017 to everyone.