High school softball Varisity team vs JV team

Hey there softball people! What have you been up to during this rainy winter?  Are you sick of the rain yet?  Spring softball season is around the corner but there seems to be no respite from the rain.

How many of your kids are high school age?  How did the tryouts go and did they make the high school teams?  If your kids have played any kind of travel softball, I bet they made it on their high school softball team.

After a week of tryouts, our high school has finally picked its players and settled in their teams.  My daughter is a freshman this year.  She and several of her teammates from her previous travel team made it on to their high school softball teams.  Congratulations to all of you girls.  My daughter and one of her friends at the same school were told by their coach that even though they are good enough to play on the varsity team, that he would rather see them play JV initially instead of being bench warming freshman.  She was told she would move up to varsity team as needed during the season.

We are very thankful for the coach being so honest with the kids and letting them know what he was thinking.  My daughter was initially very conflicted about whether she should be playing varsity or JV if she had to choose.  The coach just made it less stressful for her by telling her that she would start JV and move up during the season.

Now she seems excited about playing for JV.  Also, the JV team needs pitchers and so she will be pitching some is what she was told.  Well, we just want her to enjoy playing for the school.

I have read conflicting accounts of kids getting on Varsity team as a freshman and not enjoying sitting on the bench.  Since the coach has priority to play the seniors and juniors first. Understandably.

Have your kids faced a situation where they had to choose between Varsity or JV softball team?  What did they do?  Which one did they pick? Were they happy with their choice?  Please share your thoughts so other kids and parents can get learn from your experience.

If you would like to check out your high school teams go to Maxpreps and search for your state and your high school.  They have all the tournaments listed and the results and much more.

This is our first year of high school, so I had to search a lot to find out information on high school softball and its rules and regulations.  It seems like the high school governing body in California is CIF (California Interscholastic Federation).  You can get the latest rules books online at Amazon.


You can also get the Softball Case Book at Amazon.  Both books are $5.99 and available in e-book format.  You do have to keep the umpire in line, don’t you 😉  What is a softball casebook?  According to the description on Amazon, it  “Contains the official case plays for softball and are designed to explain all aspects of the sport.”

Here is also a link to the Official softball rules interpretation from NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association).  Here is the NFHS Rules changes and Interpretation based on CIF website.

Who says softball is simple huh?  So many rules and regulations and changes.  Here is a link on what is allowed and not allowed as far as bats and softball clothes and accessories.

So, how many times can kids move up and down between varsity and JV team?  I have heard from parents on softball forums that once the kids play in conference games then they can’t move down.  Some parents say it depends on the state and the kids can move up and down up to 26 or 28 times or something similar to that based on league and non-league games.  I still have not figured out if this is true in California since I have not read the Rules book yet.  If there are high school softball coaches or experts reading this post, please chime in and keep us straight on this issue.

Okay, have you had enough of High School softball rules and regulations?  Is there more that we need to know? If your kids have played HS softball and you have any interesting experience of it please do share for the benefit of newbie HS parents like me here.  We appreciate your comments on this topic.

Good luck to your kids playing High School Softball this spring!  Now we just need the rain to stop!!