Travel Softball in Northern California

Hey Softball fans,

I am republishing a post from 3 years ago.  This is a page on my site that is by far the most visited page.  I know some of your kids are busy playing spring softball, but spring will end soon and then you will be wondering what to do this summer.  So I thought this post could help you find a summer team close to you.  I have also added more teams to the list.  Most of the summer teams might have already formed by now but there is always exceptions.  If your daughter is a great player then there might be a team that would want her to play for them.  So it never hurts to call the team and check to see if they have a spot for her.  So here you go…




So now that your daughter has finished or nearing the end of the recreation season, what are you going to do?  Do your kids switch sports? Or do they play summer ball? or may be even step up to a travel ball?

If you live in the bay area, you hit the jackpot with travel ball teams. There are SO many teams in this area.   My husband and I gave our girls the option to play different sports in different seasons.  We played Rec softball in spring, and a “C” ball team in the summer, soccer in the fall, and basketball in the winter.  We found out that by about 10 years of age the kids actually picked the sport they like and wanted to stick with it.

So my oldest one joined competitive team a.k.a “A” ball team to play on, around 10 yrs because most of her rec team kind of split up into different sports.  My younger one just joined the same “A” ball team.  So no more soccer for us.

I kinda wish my kids went into golf.  I like golf, but I am out numbered in my family.  So, lets stick with softball.  I didn’t know what are the different levels of softball when we started.  What is A, B and C softball?

Well, the classification actually differs depending on where you live and what type of tournaments your coach decides to enter. In a nut shell the following is a very simple definition.

Class “A”: Team consists of high level players.  Team has more than one Ace level pitcher.  Team competes and consistently beats teams that are better.  Team is put together by holding a try out and travels quite far to compete with the best teams in the region. Enters into showcase tournaments as kids get older to get players college scholarships.  Competes in national level championship games. Very competitive.

Class “B”: Most teams at some point will fall in this category.  Majority of players are above average level players.  Team has strong pitching and is competitive and win some tournaments. Travels within short distance.  Medium level competitiveness.

Class “C”:  Team mostly consists of an all-star kids from a recreation league.  Travel short distance to compete with other “C” level teams.  A step above rec ball.

Again these are general guidelines and differ depending on ASA/USA or USSSA rules.  In Northern California, if your player plays or has her name in the roster of an “A” ball team on April 1st then they cannot play recreation ball.  Check out the NorcalASA handbook linked here.

Now comes the choices.  The great weather and plenty of interest in softball has contributed to a great many travel ball teams here in Northern California. Some of the teams listed here are a little outside Nor Cal that travel to Nor Cal area to play.   Are you ready for this? In no particular we go, a list of travel softball teams in Northern California!

All American Mizuno

All American Sports Academy

Bay Area Diamonds

CA Yard Sharks

Central Cal Dirt dogs

Cal Breeze

California Bombers

California Crossfire

California Lady Magic

California Riptide

Cal Nuggets

Castro Valley Synergy

Central Coast Athletics

Chico STarz

Clovis Rockets Ortiz

Diamond Girls

Davis Lady Demons

Easton Elite

Earthquakes Softball

Elk Grove Thunder

Fremont Flyers


Gilroy Chaos

KG Hitters

Lady Hawks

Lady Hustle

Lady Wolfpack

Lightning Elite


Mad River Mist


Milpitas Renegades

Nor Cal Blast

Nor Cal Blitz

NorCal Diehards

Norcal Firecrakers

Nor Cal Krusherz

Nor Cal Extreme

Nor Cal Hotshots

Nor Cal shockers

Nor Cal Patriots

Nor Cal dirt dogs

Nor Cal Valley Stompers

Nor Cal Xperience

Nova Fusion

OBS Monarchs

Runnin rebels

Ripon Cyclones

San Jose Lady Sharks

San Jose Strikers

San Jose Sting

San Jose Synergy

Salinas Storm

Salinas Wildcats

Silicon valley Starfire

San Ramon Slammers

Santa Cruz Kraze


SLO county Nitro


Tri-county Smash

USA Elite

West Bay Warriors

Young Guns Akadema

If you are looking for a more convenient way to search for teams in your area please click searchable Table of Travel softball teams in Northern California.  Enter your location in the search area and a list of teams will show up.  You can also browse through the locations alphabetically.

Note: If  I have missed your team or if any link is broken, please post a comment or email me through the contact page and I will correct it and add the team.

So there you go, you have a list of teams near you that you can check out and try out if your daughter is interested in the next level of softball.  Good luck and hope to see you out in the field in one of the tournaments!  Happy playing!!


Reviews of Softball Fields in Bay Area

Hey, softball fans,

Howz it going?  As travel softball family I am sure you have had your share of visiting various fields in and around the Bay Area.  Sometimes the fields are nice and sometimes they are awful. Over the years I have been taking pics of the parks we play in and their snack shacks. Some of the park reviews are listed below.  I still have many to list here and will keep adding more as soon as I have time. So please continue to check here on a regular basis.  I also have the same listed under the Softball Field Review page so you don’t have to scroll to find the field reviews in the blog section of this site.  I hope this will benefit other parents and help them find out in advance if there is a snack shack or entry fee or if the park is kid friendly or pet-friendly.

Alden E. Oliver sports park, Hayward, CA

Big League Dream Sports Complex, Manteca, CA

Louis Park, Stockton, CA

Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Ocala Park, San Jose, CA

Patricia H Birdsall Sports Park, Temecula, CA

Pleasanton Sports Complex, Pleasanton, CA

Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas, CA

High School softball in full swing

Today Humphrey came home from high school with my daughter.  Here is Humphrey looking cool with his shades on 😉

This is their equivalent to game ball.  Each kid gets to decorate him when they take him home after a game played well.  We had an awesome game today against a team from Santa Clara that was equally good.

Last game was very painful to watch when our JV team got creamed by another team from the Peninsula.  You know some days you are just wishing “Isn’t there a run rule to end the game quick and stop the bleeding?”  That was our previous game.  Today however we had a really good one.  We were leading 7 to 1 for a long time and then we gave up a lot of runs quickly due to errors and were 7 to 8 at the 6th inning.  But the last inning we shut them down with good pitching and also good hitting and ended up winning the game 10-8.

Today was my daughter’s debut pitching for high school JV team.   She had been catching the last few games as our official catcher got hurt.   Today she gave up 3 runs the first inning and then shut them down the last inning.  We had good team work with the entire team playing well at the end.  Since she had a great hit which brought 2 runs in and good pitching, she got to take home Humphrey.



I am a proud Mom.  You know, I never thought I would say this, but I do miss seeing her play at a high level in the “A ball” tournaments.

Oh well, I still have my 11-year-old playing in the “A ball” team, so we will get plenty of games this summer starting this weekend at Pleasanton, CA.  I need to get back into the swing of things and get this site going again.  Watch out for more updates soon.  Wishing you all a great spring season of softball!!

PS: If you didn’t notice..Humphrey is a Mustang 😉