Are you ready for the weekend?

Hey Softball people, How do you like this cheesy video?  That is what my husband called it.  I had this done by a talented artist called Dean from DadoonStudio.  He was one of the students in my online business class.

Every weekend is like this in our house.  Loads of laundry, trying to find the right sock with no holes at the toes, visors, cleats, jerseys (specially if you have more than one kid playing) suitcases full of stuff for those out-of-town name it, the whole nine yards.  This video is dedicated to the countless parents who go through this every weekend.  Enjoy and share it with fellow softball people!!  Our softball season is definitely starting slowly but surely and before you know it we parents will be kicking and screaming all the way to the field.

We have tournament this weekend in the Fremont sports complex.  Not that far so we wouldn’t be trading our car for a wagon!  I noticed that many of you land on my site looking for healthy food options for sporty kids.  I am working on gathering more information on sports nutrition and good recipes.  Will post soon when I have enough material.  Have a great weekend folks.  Enjoy the sunshine!!


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