ASA/USA Nor Cal Qualifier @ Twin Creeks

Hey, folks! Before I forget I wanted to wish all the dad’s a Happy Father’s day this weekend.  Sorry that I didn’t have any special posts for mother’s day or father’s day this year.  Too many sick people in my house.  In my opinion, every day has to be a mother’s day or father’s day.  No doubt about it.  This weekends there is a huge tournament at Twin Creeks in Sunnyvale.  It is an all turf field so cleats allowed.  No food allowed either.  They have a pretty decent snack shack (they call it the club house).  Looks a little run down but nevertheless, the food was ok and they had some healthy choices. Here is a list of items in their menu if you want to plan ahead.  They have a bar upstairs and restaurant downstairs.  Our team usually tells parents to refrain from drinking during tournaments as we have seen in the past where some parents have had a little too many drinks and act like idiots in front of their kids and other kids.   Your team may be different.  A total of 64 teams have registered to play over the next 3 days.  My 12U daughter is also playing in this tournament.   This is the first time we are playing so close to home, it feels weird not to have to wake up at the crack of the dawn to start fighting traffic to go to a field.

We have a very young 12’s team this summer, you know… we all go through this, the teams get good and then half the kids move up and then we have to redo this all over again.  Last few weeks our team kid have gone through so much sickness too.  Nasty viruses swirling around the bay area.  Not fun at all.

My 15-yr-old is playing in Manteca this weekend. One of the regular pitchers is on vacation, so since she is a backup pitcher, she has been pitching a lot and I am not sure how much she is liking it even though the coaches like it.  We shall see how long this pitching thing lasts.  It is a very easy going team though so there is not much pressure.

Well, where ever you are playing this weekend, good luck to your kid’s teams.  Enjoy and celebrate the dads who work hard and are there for their kids.  What could be more perfect? Father’s day tournaments? Perfect for dads who enjoy as much time in the field as their daughters do.  Happy Father’s day softball dads!

Would love to hear from you :-)