Softball Gift ideas

Happy Holidays Softball Peeps,  I hope you have finished your shopping by now, but just in case you are still wondering what to gift the softball people in your family, here is a small list.

Softball moms and dads, grandparents, Coaches or softball pets ,  No matter who it is, there is always something you can gift them that is softball related that they could show off come Spring when all the softball zombies wake up from their winter slumber, just itching to get out and play ball.  Wait, did I just describe your family…? Ok then, continue reading.  What are some of the things that you could give to the softball people in your lives?

Lets start with Moms: You know, without them your player is not going to be at the right place at the right time with clean jerseys and socks.  What do moms really want?

Lets see. It will be chilly when the season starts so may be a nice comfy blanket? Or a no sweat water bottle to keep her beverage of choice hot or cold?  How about a comfy chair (one for the stadium or one standalone)?  May be a brand new collapsible wagon to put a her gear?  May be a sun umbrella?  I will add more as I think of it.


How about the dads?  If the dad is not a coach then some of the gifts that apply to the mom will apply to dads as well.  But if there is more the dad does like coach or practice with the girls then here is a list  of items he may like. Of the items in the following table, I have personally bought at least 5 of the 6 items in the table for the dad in our family so he could practice with the kids.  We only have one bucket seat. Note:  If the moms are the ones practicing with the softball kids or coaching the kids then use this list for the moms.  I don’t want to stereo type the gender roles.  He..He..or should I say (s)he..(s)he.. 😉


Now for the most important little (or not so little) people in our lives, our kids.  Both my kids have grown up to be much taller than me now.  So I am the little person in my family.  Anyway, what can we get the kids?  Do they need a new bat? or glove?  As the kids grow they outgrow their bats and gloves quickly.  This year both our kids got bats and gloves either because they have worn out their glove or become too tall for their bats.  Both gloves and bats are tricky items to buy without actually testing it out on the field.  So if your kids have had a favorite team bat they have been using in the dugout or if they like hitting with their teammates bat then those are good indicators that they may like a bat similar to that.  One of my daughters has a very quick swing and excellent hand-eye coordination.  The bat that my quick swinging daughter loves is the Anderson Rocketech bat (link below in the table) that is all metal that most kids don’t like as much but for my 15-year-old, it works great!  She has delivered many home runs with that bat.  My 12-year-old  currently has a Demarini bat which is a composite 2 piece bat that most softball kids love.  What about gloves?  Did you know that there are different types of gloves for different positions?  Most of you may know it but if your daughter is new to the sport then check it out here “Different types of Softball mitts”.  There are plenty of gifts you can give your players from jewelry to hair bows and which softball player would not want more bows?  Choice of gifts for kids is wide open.  See some ideas in the table below.

And last but not least, you can’t leave your pets.  Here is a softball pet gift for your little furry friend.

Would love to hear from you :-)