Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Ramya and I live in the heart of Silicon Valley.  I had not updated this page since 2014, so it is time to update it.  I have never played any organized sports in my life so I was a little overwhelmed when my girls started playing softball at 6 years of age.  Now they are 15 and 12.  My husband and I let our girls try out different sports till they figure out what they like best.  Thankfully my husband is the opposite to me and has played a variety of sports so my girls lucked out.  He coaches my youngest daughter’s 12U-“A-ball” team as a volunteer coach.

My 15 year old likes playing softball and my 12 year old still like playing Volleyball, Basketball and Softball.

When my older daughter started playing softball, I wish there was one website that I could go to that explained things to me in the most simplest way.  But none existed for newbies like me, so I figured if I am going to be spending a lot of my time in a softball field anyway, I might as well write about what I am learning.  Trust me I am still learning.

Since Silicon Valley is such a melting pot of people from all over the world, I bet there are at least a few people like me who could benefit from this information.

Just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have subscribed to my blog.  You are truly AWESOME! and give me inspiration to write more.  If there is anything you want me to research and write about send me an email.

Disclosure: I have placed links in a few of the pages, for example in pages related to softball gear or when I talk about Products and reviews.  I am placing links to show you visually the product I am discussing or the products I have personally purchased for my kids. You do not have to purchase any of these items if you click on it. Some of these links are affiliate links and if you click on these links and purchase items then at no additional cost to you, I will get a small commission which usually helps me keep this site going for free.  Thank you for reading this blog and thanks in advance for purchasing from these links.  I truly appreciate you.

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