6U Game management & Spreadsheet

6U Game Management-Thanks Coach for the submission.

Some simple suggestions for game management.

Setup a spreadsheet with the following:

List players and assign positions (See example spreadsheet attached).

I like to list them by reverse alphabetical order last names so it seems random.

Assign the positions around the diamond each game and the for each inning rotate positions.

In my spreadsheet, I copy and paste the column over and down one. You’ll find that this will take the guess-work out of making sure each player gets to be pitcher and first base.

Rotate the batting order by one each game so every player gets to bat first and last at least once.

Every Time the girl gets up to bat make sure she has her feet in the right position and knuckles lined up. If hitting off the tee, adjust the tee so she hits to the shortstop or 2nd baseman. If pitching have the player take a practice swing and try to pitch to that swing area.

When coaching from the field on defense give instructions between batters but try to let the player make the decision what to do during the play. No matter what, reinforce the positives. If she is in front of the grounder but misses praise her being in front of the ball, if she catches it and throws toward first praise that she knew where to throw it and the catch. Always let the player know what she did right.When pitching to the girls carry enough balls so you don’t have to wait for someone to throw back any. It will speed up the game.

At the end of the game think of a praise for each girl and give out the game ball to the last girl you praise!

6U Roster and Position by Game

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