Softball related injuries

Softball has gained popularity among young girls since the last  time it was played in the Olympics.  Even though, due to political reasons, the sport has been dropped together with Baseball from the Olympics, the popularity gained from the previous Olympic exposure still remains.

Every sport has its pros and cons when it comes to how it affects the athletes body.  Softball is no exception.  If you have read through some of the softball forums on the internet, you can see how the parents and coaches get SO into their kids games.  Sometimes to an unhealthy level!

What we all need to understand is softball is a sport and it is okay to strive for excellence but in the grand scheme of things the games played when kids are under 14 years of age should be more about developing the correct techniques of the game rather than winning tournaments.

Learning the correct “Softball” techniques and learning to play different the positions when they are young will go a long way in reducing injury of overuse when the kids get older and play at a more competitive level of softball.






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