Ocala Park, San Jose

Ocala park

Location: 2800 Ocala Ave, San Jose, CA

We have played at this park a few times.  The good thing about this park is that it is local, so you don’t have to travel far.  Everything else is pretty bad.  The fields are uneven filled with huge holes that if you don’t pay attention you could get your ankle hurt easily.  Not sure if these are gopher holes or holes caused by some other animals.

Gopher holes?
Gopher holes?

The outfield area is usually overgrown.  The worst part is the location of the trash bins at Field 4.  They are right behind the dugout and right next to the bleachers.  These are some huge trash receptacle areas which are probably meant to have trash cans inside  (I am assuming), but the problem is there is never a trash can in it and it overflows with trash almost all the time.  I really feel bad for the person who will be collecting this trash and have to sort through the real trash and recyclable.

Overflowing trash bins

The softball fields could have been designed better by moving the trash location a little further back from the dugout area.  The bleachers on Field 4 are in bad shape with the seat twisted and not safe enough to sit.

The location of trash bin at other fields are not as bad as field 4 but each and every one of the trash bins is overflowing constantly.  May be, they will clean it before school starts Monday.

There is always an entrance fee ($5 for adults and $2 for seniors and kids) but when one of the parents asked where the money goes, the person collecting the entry fee is always unable to say where it goes. For a park that collects fee, I expect at least better restrooms and facilities.  There is no bathrooms, just porta-pottys.  Games are always happening almost every weekend.  No snack shack either. Some folks come by and set up a temporary snack shack around 10 am or so.  Once in a while if you are lucky, you can get something a little healthier than hot dogs and hamburgers.  A few weeks ago we had cut up fruit cups for $4 each and also Chicken, beef and pork tacos for $5 each.  It seems a little expensive but at least you get something decent to eat.

The parking situation is even worse.  It has one of the smallest parking lots you can find.  People park at random and sometimes if you don’t position your vehicle the correct way, it is hard to get out of the parking lot.

I hope the leagues using this park will put some of the money they collect to actually clean the place and pick up trash.  May be asking for a real bathroom is expecting a little too much at this point.  Now with the drought, and no field watering allowed, this park is very dusty to add to the misery.  Dislike when we have to play here.

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