I survived catching for my almost 9 year old

Life is going to go into high gear tomorrow when most of the leagues have their opening day.  Today I got hit about 3 or 4 times today.  Those darn “soft” balls are not really soft when they come at you at 30 mph. Today was my first time catching! Ever!  I usually try to excuse myself from taking her to her pitching lessons but I did not have an excuse today.

I was worried!  I should have dressed in armor! Just kidding!  I did get hit a few times.  Even with a glove I could feel the sting of the ball as they hit the palm of my hand.  My daughter thought it was very amusing as she started throwing more strikes!  She had a good time pitching to me. Her pitching coach was being nice and not rolling on the floor laughing!

I survived and also learnt how hard it is to catch.  I have a new found respect for catchers now.

Softball dummy to Softball mommy!

If someone had told me when I was a kid that I would be spending entire weekends and summers at some softball field in CA, I would have just laughed in their face. I never played any sport. Zilch! Nada!!  Any memory of PE in high school only involved being in marching squad during the opening ceremony which happened once a year. Otherwise once a week PE consisted of hiding behind trees with friends and emerging out towards the end of the class. Teacher couldn’t keep track since there were 50 girls to 1 teacher. Yes, I went to an all girls school in a different country. We all looked the same in uniform. No grade for PE and our school field had plenty of trees to hide behind. I was a nerd.

So when my kids started playing softball, I became the softball dummy and a softball mommy 😉

I started this blog so people like me can go somewhere to find out the most basic things about softball. I am still learning.

What is softball?

It must be baseball for girls with softer balls.



Softball blog

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