Pleasanton Sports Complex, Pleasanton, CA

Not to sound corny, but as the name of the city suggests, this park is actually very pleasant.  The park has facilities for many different types of sports, but here we will only concentrate on the softball complex.  There were about 4 softball fields as seen above.  The grounds were very well maintained.  There is a $5 entry fees for adults and kids over 14 years of age.  I believe dogs are allowed since we saw many dogs (on leash) inside the softball complex.  The staff that worked at the gate and in the snack shack were very friendly.

Here is the building that houses the snack shack and the restrooms behind it.

Here is a pic of the snack shack menu with the friendly staff.

There seemed to be plenty of parking spots but if there are other sports going on simultaneously with the softball, then you may have a tough time finding parking.  The softball complex also had tall fence all around to prevent fly balls from hitting your car. That’s always a good thing.  All in all, the park was very nice today (early spring) and restrooms were clean too.



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