When I started this blog, I had no idea how to blog or who to use for hosting etc.  I have invested a lot of time trying to figure out who to buy domain through and who to use to host my website.  I also continually learn new things related to online blogging and online business opportunities etc.  A few people have asked me for information on blogging platform and hosting company I use.  I figured I would post this information here so it might help others if they are looking for similar information.

The hosting company I use is SiteGround.  I reviewed many hosting companies and their pros and cons.  Believe me there is a lot of them around and there are so many complaints and unhappy users too. So I wanted to spend some time to figure out who I wanted to use and after at least a weeks worth of time reading, combing through the web I chose to use SiteGround.  They had the least complaint of all the hosting companies and more great reviews and loading speed and I got a good deal for hosting for 2 years. They also have the most user-friendly tools so even beginners like me can set up and start blogging.

Blogging platform I use is WordPress.  Word press actually has a free site (.com) and a paid site(.org).  I chose to use the paid site so I can choose what I want to put on my site instead of someone telling me what I can and can’t do.

More coming soon….

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