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These are some softball workouts for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Here is a list of exercises we were given to strengthen my kids muscles around the shoulders, back and the core sections of their abdomen. The physical therapists said these exercises could be done by kids who are healthy also to make sure those muscles stay stronger so they would not be injured in the first place.

CAUTION: If your child is injured make sure to consult with a sports medicine doctor before you do any of these exercises.  I am not a doctor and these exercises posted here were given as part of the physical therapy for my daughter who was under a doctor’s supervision.

Exercise 1: Supine Alphabet for Shoulder rehabilitation (See exercise 4 in the link from PAMF for Rotator Cuff exercises).  This exercise is great if you can train your kids to do it before they go to sleep, when they are laying in bed and before they get out of bed in the morning).  Just Google the word “Supine Alphabet” and the PAMF pamphlet will pop up.  There is also a lot of other exercises that are listed there that you could do to help your rotator cuff injury area.  I have provided a link to the Mayo Clinic information via this link.  Also I found a cool site called Healthline that has all the individual muscles and bones in the shoulder area labeled .

* Lie flat on your back.

*Lift arm directly overhead and keep other arm next to your side on your chest.

*Trace six inch letters in the air, using only shoulder and arm movement.  Do not make movement from the elbow, wrist, hand or fingers.

* Do 2 alphabet sets from A to Z (twice daily).

Exercise 2:  Progressive resisted external rotations(laying on the side).  In the link above see exercise # 3.

* Lay on your side with your head on a soft pillow.

*Roll up a towel and place it under your upper arm.

*Hold a 2 lb weight with towel under arm, raise forearm towards ceiling.  Keep elbow bent and at side.  Repeat 10 times per set and do 3 sets per session.

Exercise 3: Scapular retraction on fitness ball

You need an exercise ball for this exercise.  Please make sure you buy the correct size ball for your child and one that is safety rated for their weight.  We bought a 65cm ball. Fitness ball

Make sure you buy one with a good pump. Seems like the pumps that come with these balls are not good.  The one we bought had a hand pump that was black and we quickly abandoned it and used a pump we had from our air mattress to pump air into the ball.

* Lie on the ball facing down with your abs resting on the ball and arms at sides as shown in the picture.

Scapular retraction on fitness ball
Scapular retraction on fitness ball


* Pinch shoulder blades together and raise arms a few inches up and  hold for a minute.

* Make sure you are not cupping your shoulder-blade.  Your shoulder-blade should not protrude up too much.

*Repeat 2 times per set.  Do 2 sets per day.

Exercise 4: Shoulder strengthening

This is another exercise that follows the one above.

Shoulder strengthening
Shoulder strengthening







* Holding NO weight (as patient improves strength, weights can be added), raise arms out from sides pinching shoulder blades.

* Keep elbows straight, thumbs up.

* Repeat 2 times per set and do 1 session per day to begin. More session can be added as strength improves.

Exercise 5: Scapular Flexion

Scapular flexion
Scapular flexion

* Holding NO weight, raise both arms forward making a Y.

* Keep elbow straight.

* Repeat 2 times per set.  Do 1 session per day.

Exercise 6: Flexion in Standing 

Flexion in standing
Flexion in standing

* Stand facing the wall with the weak shoulder bent at the  elbow    resting against the wall over a folded towel.

* Slide your arm against the wall getting a full extended stretch.

* Repeat this 10  times.

* Now repeat with your other arm.

Exercise 7: Pushing the wall up

Push the wall up

Push the wall up

* Stand facing the wall with your palm against the wall as shown.

* Now pretend to push the wall up, not actually moving the palm.

* Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 8: Diagonal extension using TRX

Diagonal extension using TRX
Diagonal extension using TRX

* Extend the band smoothly and release back smoothly.

* Work out each arm 10 times.

* If you don’t have a TRX, use thera band and make a knot on one end and place it over a door and close the door shut so that the free end of the band is on the other side and can be pulled without the band slipping out.   The knot should keep the band from slipping out.  You can also tie the thera-band to something sturdy in order to do the above workout.

Exercise 9: Using own body weight as resistance using TRX 

Body weight resistance with TRX

* Hold both rings and slowly extend arms so that they are straight.

* Pull yourself back up using your body weight as resistance.

* Repeat 10 times.

* Difficulty level can be increased by changing the angle of the body.




Exercise 10: Working out the arm using Body Blade

Body blade for arms

* Note: Body blade is expensive to buy, if you happen to have old skis, you can use that instead.  Just wrap the ski at the mid section so it doesn’t cut your palm.

* Hold firmly, slightly bent at the elbow and shake the body blade in small movements horizontally in order to make the blade vibrate at the top and bottom.

* When you do it correctly, the blade will whip back and forth at the top and bottom.

* This exercise will work out all the small muscles in the upper arm and shoulders.

Exercise 11: Heavy rope workout

Heavy rope workout
Heavy rope workout

* This gives a pretty good work out.  So just start by doing a few mins at a time.

* Hold the ends of the rope and flip the ropes so it makes waves.

Exercise 12:  Arm Rotations using a slider 

Arm Rotations with slider

* You need a furniture slider and a floor with carpet to do this.

* Do a plank on the floor or to make it easier, place one knee on the floor for balance.

* Place one hand on the ez-slider and gently make clock wise and counter clock wise rotations.

* Repeat the same with the other arm.

Exercise 13:  Doing the plank (different variations)

Plank 1
Plank 1
Plank 2
Plank 2
Plank 3
Plank 3

* These are more core workouts that all players should do.

* Start with a push up position. Your elbows line up with the shoulders.

* Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominal muscles.

* Try to form a straight line from head to toe.

* Do not strain your neck and spine or sag your abs.  If you are tired, relax and start again from push up position.

* Just do it for a few minutes at a time.

Exercise 14:  Doing Seal workout

Seal start
Seal start
Seal end
Seal end

* Start with laying on a mat and resting your hands on your elbows.

* Raise your upper torso by pushing up. Hold this position for 1 minute.

* This strengthens the upper and lower back muscles.

Exercise 15:  Shoulder workouts with weights

View 1
View 1
Shoulder workout w_wts side view
View 2
View 3
View 3

* Lay on your side with legs bent at the knees.

* While in this position, turn just the upper torso so that you face the ceiling. See view 1.  The bottom half of your body is still on its side.

* Use the 1 lb or 2 lbs weight and lift the weights with your arms straight without locking your elbow.

* When you bring the weight down, rotate your arm so the weight is as shown in View 3.  Repeat this 10 times.

* Now repeat the same laying on the other side.

Exercise 16:  continued…in Part 2

Thanks for reading.

NOTE: All pictures and articles on this page are copyrighted.  You are welcome to share the link with other but please do not copy.  Appreciate your help.



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