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Backyard softball cage

Backyard softball cage


Drum roll…please!!! Well, we finally have a backyard space the kids can practice on.  If you remember, we were going to pour concrete and then place the cage, but labor was very expensive and on top of that if my kids ever quit softball, we would have had to break all the concrete up and haul it away.  Our concrete quotes came in from $10 to $15/sqft.  That was a little too much for concrete that won’t even look nice and we would have to put a carpet on top of it anyway to protect the balls.  Well, California is also going through drought and we didn’t want to have a space we have to water.  So just for a few more dollars/sqft, we decided to go with artificial grass and be a little eco-friendly.

There was a wide price range in the artificial grass product also and we decided to go with a company called “Better than real- Artificial grass“.  To save a couple of grand, my husband decided to level the area by removing dirt by himself.  Then the Artificial grass guys came in and finished the rest.  You can see the pictures in the collage. They did a really good job of compacting, laying weed barrier, laying the artificial grass and sweeping sand between the blades to make the grass look real.  We chose the PP80-fescue type grass blend with dead ends that made it look more natural.  We shall see how good it holds up for the next few years.

We bought the cage from Ultimate sport gyms.  They have a wide variety of products that you can choose from.  I am glad to see that we are finally using our tiny backyard to the fullest extent literally. I believe my kids will be using the space primarily for pitching and throwing.  They get plenty of batting practice when they go to their team indoor practice facility.  The kids also loved rolling on the grass in between practice.  How is that for a change up?  😉 The only one that is a little upset is our little miniature poodle who has lost his huge backyard potty space.  Now his space has been confined to a small patch of grassy area of the backyard outside the softball cage.  At first he was not happy about it, but he has adjusted well.  He is an indoor dog anyway.

On the road again!

IMG_1251On the road again!!!…reminds me of Shrek song!  Hmm..the cold mornings and smell of dirt on the field!!! After a long break, softball is bursting back into our lives.  We had our first tournament of 2015 at Salinas Sports Complex over the past weekend.  Oh, how I missed getting up at 4:30 am to go to watch a cold game 😉  Nah..I am being sarcastic here.  It was freezing in Salinas in the morning.

The organization my kids play for has doubled in size with merging of another organization with ours, so we now have two-10U, two -12U almost two -14U and I am not sure about the 16’s and 18’s.

It was a showcase tournament for another team but the funny thing was that in the finals it was our 10’s against our 10’s and our 12’s against our 12’s.  That has not happened in a long time.  It was very enjoyable watching our kids in action after a long time.  Also since the kids were playing against their friends it was a no pressure situation and all the kids enjoyed it.

Well our backyard batting cage project is still waiting for concrete pad and the batting cage.  It is going a little slower than we expected.

This is how my back yard used to look like…My husband and I actually designed the play structure ourselves.  I sized the beams so 3 adults could swing!


This is how it looks now, minus the tree branches…Sad 🙁

image (1)

I have to call the concrete guy again…and now keeping my fingers crossed that my kids don’t quit softball for at least a year! 😉

Then I can get my pool 😉  The number of subscribers has surpassed 1030 now.  I hope time will permit me to add more content soon.

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Hello everyone,

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year from my family to yours!!!

Well, we are taking a break from softball this month.  It is officially basketball and ski season.  Amazing what a few free weekends can do.  We have cleaned out our garage decently and made it good enough to work as a gym for the kids and us.    Our backyard is a disaster though!  About 6 to 7 years ago we (my husband and I) had custom-built a huge two-story play structure by ourselves with swings and a tube slide.  The structure went around our orange tree. Kind of like a tree house.  The kids used it may be for a year or two and then it has been standing unused since they grew out of it.

Since we have been so busy travelling for our games, the only ones that benefited from our fruit trees were the squirrels since they got to every fruit before we ever could.  In any case, can you guess what my backyard is going to be in a few months?  Any guesses?  Did I mention that my husband loves sports and kids love softball?  Yes, my backyard is going to have a batting cage!  Crazy? Yes!  I will post pics of how we go about doing it as we do it.

My backyard has been completely cleaned of the play structure and trees for now.  I will post pics when I get a chance.  It has been raining a lot and so we have to wait till the rain stops before we can proceed.

If my kids quit softball, I am going to have a pool!!!  That is my condition.  I hope you all have a great Holiday season!!!