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High School softball in full swing

Today Humphrey came home from high school with my daughter.  Here is Humphrey looking cool with his shades on 😉

This is their equivalent to game ball.  Each kid gets to decorate him when they take him home after a game played well.  We had an awesome game today against a team from Santa Clara that was equally good.

Last game was very painful to watch when our JV team got creamed by another team from the Peninsula.  You know some days you are just wishing “Isn’t there a run rule to end the game quick and stop the bleeding?”  That was our previous game.  Today however we had a really good one.  We were leading 7 to 1 for a long time and then we gave up a lot of runs quickly due to errors and were 7 to 8 at the 6th inning.  But the last inning we shut them down with good pitching and also good hitting and ended up winning the game 10-8.

Today was my daughter’s debut pitching for high school JV team.   She had been catching the last few games as our official catcher got hurt.   Today she gave up 3 runs the first inning and then shut them down the last inning.  We had good team work with the entire team playing well at the end.  Since she had a great hit which brought 2 runs in and good pitching, she got to take home Humphrey.



I am a proud Mom.  You know, I never thought I would say this, but I do miss seeing her play at a high level in the “A ball” tournaments.

Oh well, I still have my 11-year-old playing in the “A ball” team, so we will get plenty of games this summer starting this weekend at Pleasanton, CA.  I need to get back into the swing of things and get this site going again.  Watch out for more updates soon.  Wishing you all a great spring season of softball!!

PS: If you didn’t notice..Humphrey is a Mustang 😉