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Hello Softball peeps,

I am not sure how the weather is where you live but in Northern California it is getting hotter.  We are so used the mild weather here and snow-covered mountains at the Sierra even this past week that hot weather is giving us a real shock.  Thank goodness at least the drought is over.

This past weekend kids had to play in Tracy/Modesto area and the temps were in the  scorching 107 degree range.   It was so hot that even the adults watching the games had to take precautions not get overheated. I was very worried about the kids playing in the heat.   Not quite sure why all the games are played in such hot places.  It would be a nice change of pace if the teams traveled to the bay area to play where it usually is a little cooler.  I am sure their kids would love to play in 80 degree vs 100+ degrees.  Just a wild wish.   The key to survive is to stay hydrated and keeping the body cool.  I saw a lot of new fashion statements at the field with most parents wrapped with neon pink and blue and red hydration towels around their necks.

Home depot was selling these for just under $10.  If you look online, I am sure you can buy in bulk for your entire team at $2 to $3 a piece.

Another way to keep cool is to use spray bottles or misting bottles with small fans attached to them.  Amazon has these available in a wide range of prices.

How much do you know about Hydration? I thought I knew about hydration but when I took this quiz I did not fare well.  If you think you know a lot about hydration take this quiz for fun.   Hydration Quiz on Webmd.  Needless to say I  only got a little more than half the questions correctly 🙁

May be some of you know more about hydration than me, but for others like me it is an eye opener.  Here is another interesting link for Hydration Calculator I found online which calculates the amount of water someone needs.  Try it out and see if you are drinking enough water.  I also read another article which said you need about 3/4 to 1 oz of water per lb of body weight.  Are you drinking enough water?

Coming back to our softball athletes, it is tremendously important for them to stay hydrated.  Our coaches sometimes tell our kids to start drinking lot of additional water 2 or 3 days before the weekend when we play in the summers.  Here are some signs and symptoms of dehydration.

* Dry mouth

* Lethargy

* Sunken eyes

*Feeling weak and dizzy

* Failure to sweat

* Decreased urine output

The quickest way to help our young athletes who get dehydrated is to have them drink water. But if they are too dehydrated that they passed out, you may have to call the medical professionals to get them hydrated ASAP.

If athletes play for over an hour of sports in hot and humid weather then they not only lose water but also some salts.  So sports drinks may give them some salts in addition to water.  But there has been debate about what is in these sports drinks that is not good for you. Without getting into a debate about the good and bad of sports drinks, I think a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade is probably okay to drink if your kids are playing for more than an hour under the sun, but water is the BEST and safest way to get hydrated on a regular basis.  During travel ball, kids usually play 3 games a day, each game lasting an hour and a half so dehydration is a serious issue.

So please emphasize the importance of drinking water to your young athletes.  Only downside to this is to be stuck in a softball field with bad bathrooms. The bane of softball fields.  I am sure you are all too familiar with that situation.  If you happen to play in a softball park with decent bathrooms consider yourself lucky.  Good luck and stay hydrated this summer.  If you would like to get more information of Hydration please visit another useful link on this topic from the folks at the Positive Health Wellness.  The more you learn how to hydrate your body to stay healthier the better.  Lets have a drink to our health.