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Stockton-Manteca Tournament Weekend

10U-silver-Runner-upOh..we survived another weekend in Hot Stockton & Manteca.  This weekend our 10U and 12U/14U got split into two locations, so I was unable to truly watch the entire 10U tournament.  Remember, last week the 10’s lost early but this week they fought really hard and were runner ups in their age group.  The 12’s and 14’s struggled this weekend when they played at Ronald McNair High school, Stockton, CA.  I will write a review of that park when I get some time. Both the 12’s and 14’s had some high and low moments this weekend.

The best thing about kids playing softball games is the learning experience they get from winning and losing .  I am so proud of each and every kid that played in these tournaments, regardless which team they are from.  It was very brave of them to come out and play hard and do their best even when the weather is not so nice.  In this day and age when the media portrays show after show of spoilt brat type people (adults & teens) who act like idiots, these kids choose to do something completely different.  While playing with the team, they learn team work and how to count on members of their team as well as be counted on by their team mates.

Our coaches also ask the kids what they did wrong or what they should have done after a play on the spot and it teaches kids to think quick and respond quick.  Of course when they make a great play, they are encouraged by praise.

Funny story..when my oldest daughter was 9 years old, she was afraid to slide, so I told her she will get $5 for every slide she makes and lo and behold, she earned $25 that game.  She also overcame her fear of sliding.  So this time, I figured, I will bribe them again and give them something to think about when they are standing out there facing the pressure.  Both my kids are starting to pitch in their games and the pressures of pitching is tremendous.  This weekend they both got to pitch one inning.  Have you ever noticed the young pitchers and how many times they get 2 strikes and then walk the kids?  I told my kids that they will earn $5 every time they strike out a player and both of them earned $10 each this weekend.  Not bad for beginning pitchers.    I was just happy they got to pitch and did not crumble under pressure.

Somehow this methodology doesn’t work at home to make them do chores 😉

We get mother’s day off next weekend!  Happy Mother’s day Softball moms.  I hope you get to enjoy your day with the ones that are near and dear to you.

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Its all about the BasE…No trOUble!

All about the Base
All about the Base

How many times have you listened to the “All about the bass..no treble” song? and are you sick of it yet?  Well, last week we had a different type of song playing in our softball tournament.  This was our last tournament for the fall and we were supposed to play locally in Hayward which was only 30 mins away but because of lack of teams, we ended up going to Modesto, CA instead.  We got entered to play in the Nor Cal NSA Youth fast pitch Fall West Pac Championship.

Our 16U, 12U and 10U teams got to play.  Unfortunately our 12U lost early, but our 10U were runners-up for Gold division and our 16U won the Championship.  Well, since I have a 12 and 9-year-old, I only got to see those games.

Since our 12 and 10 teams were at different locations a lot this fall, my husband and I had to split up the kids and so I hadn’t got a chance to see the 10U play in a few weeks and last week I actually got to see them play and play they did! Extremely well!!  What a transformation in a few weeks!  I clearly remember in the beginning of the season, most kids were struggling to make contact and last week, I couldn’t believe my own eyes, they were hitting a lot and making good throws.  They had no TROUBLE getting back to the home base 😉 The Championship game was a nail biter.  It went overtime and lasted 2 hours.  I feel like the 5 run-rule kind of worked to our disadvantage that day.  Final score was 18 them to 17 us.  Remember these are 10U kids.  It did not matter that they lost by 1.  They were real Champions in my eyes for playing so hard.

A couple of weeks ago my 9-year-old surprised me when she said “This is the best day of my life..the day couldn’t get any better”, she actually was starting to hit the ball well that week and it made her feel incredibly good.  This is exactly what my husband and I had in mind when we started our kids in sports, they work extremely hard to achieve something and it makes them feel good.  In this day and age specially in Silicon Valley there are many a distractions for kids, organized group sports like this makes the kids learn how to work hard towards a common goal and how to handle wins and losses.  I believe we can’t get this kind of lesson in a computer game Yet!

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We have a long winter break for a month or so from Softball.  I Wish all the readers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I am really thankful for all the opportunities we get in life in this wonderful country of ours! considering all the chaos happening in the world.  What are you thankful for this season?  Let’s count our Blessing and make the most of it.