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Reviews of Softball Fields in Bay Area

Hey, softball fans,

Howz it going?  As travel softball family I am sure you have had your share of visiting various fields in and around the Bay Area.  Sometimes the fields are nice and sometimes they are awful. Over the years I have been taking pics of the parks we play in and their snack shacks. Some of the park reviews are listed below.  I still have many to list here and will keep adding more as soon as I have time. So please continue to check here on a regular basis.  I also have the same listed under the Softball Field Review page so you don’t have to scroll to find the field reviews in the blog section of this site.  I hope this will benefit other parents and help them find out in advance if there is a snack shack or entry fee or if the park is kid friendly or pet-friendly.

Alden E. Oliver sports park, Hayward, CA

Big League Dream Sports Complex, Manteca, CA

Louis Park, Stockton, CA

Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Ocala Park, San Jose, CA

Patricia H Birdsall Sports Park, Temecula, CA

Pleasanton Sports Complex, Pleasanton, CA

Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas, CA

Louis Park, Stockton, CA

We have played softball games several times at Louis Park in Stockton, CA.  The things that come to mind immediately about this park is the hot weather (duh..Stockton!) and several police cars and police officers in motorcycles going around and around while the games are in progress. Doesn’t make you feel comfortable to see that.  Two of our parents cars were broken into at this park at two different times.  So, I can understand the police presence.  Please make sure not to take any valuables with you when you go here and if you do please don’t leave it in your car.

I have never been to the other areas of the park besides the softball fields.  The City of Stockton says that besides the 4 softball fields in a circular pattern, there is 1 baseball field, 4 tennis courts, 4 handball courts, 19 horseshoe pits, 40 picnic tables, 20 BBQ pits, and a remodeled Boat Launch Area.

Louis park
Louis park

LP Boat Launch


The snack shack is right in the bull’s eye of the circle.  Here is the menu of available snacks available.

Menu Louis Park
Menu Louis Park

The times we have played here has always been very hot.  The dugouts had some shade which was very much appreciated by the coaches and kids and the seating for parents and other spectators also had shade depending on the angle of the sun.

Louis park dugout

Louis park seating

Ending on a positive note.  Every once in a while you see a nice big boat/ship/sail boats pass through the canal and it is quite a sight to see. The younger siblings get excited to see that.

Louis park ship in back
Ship passing by in the canal with a big letter A

Enjoy your games and stay safe!!!