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Reviews of Softball Fields in Bay Area

Hey, softball fans,

Howz it going?  As travel softball family I am sure you have had your share of visiting various fields in and around the Bay Area.  Sometimes the fields are nice and sometimes they are awful. Over the years I have been taking pics of the parks we play in and their snack shacks. Some of the park reviews are listed below.  I still have many to list here and will keep adding more as soon as I have time. So please continue to check here on a regular basis.  I also have the same listed under the Softball Field Review page so you don’t have to scroll to find the field reviews in the blog section of this site.  I hope this will benefit other parents and help them find out in advance if there is a snack shack or entry fee or if the park is kid friendly or pet-friendly.

Alden E. Oliver sports park, Hayward, CA

Big League Dream Sports Complex, Manteca, CA

Louis Park, Stockton, CA

Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Ocala Park, San Jose, CA

Patricia H Birdsall Sports Park, Temecula, CA

Pleasanton Sports Complex, Pleasanton, CA

Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas, CA

Salinas Sports Complex-Softball fields

1034 North Main Street, Salinas, CA 93906
(831) 775-3113


We have had many tournaments at Salinas Sports Complex.  There are 5 standard size fields and 2 smaller fields where 10U games are held.  There is a decent snack shack and functioning bathrooms.  You have to pay to get in the complex.  The field numbers have to be verified.

Salinas sports complex play areaThere is also a small play area for the younger siblings to play while the older ones are in a game.  Here is a picture of the menu of available items at this snack shack.

snack-menu-Salinas-Sports-ComplexWhile your kids play at these softball fields, please make sure to check them for ticks.  One of our coaches found a tick on his hat while their team was practicing in between games.  Since the complex hosts other events like Rodeo and Bull riding events connected to cattle, ticks are a definite possibility.  Ticks can cause serious illness like Lyme disease, so beware.

I will have another post on Lyme disease and its effects after I study about it. Thanks for reading.